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A Better Option


Ever heard this advice, “If you don’t know what major you want, go as an undeclared student. You can decide on your major after a few basic courses.”? Sounds like an “okay” idea doesn’t it? It seems like a pretty harmless plan and I suppose if you are going for an “okay” plan then it will suffice.

But you don’t want an “okay” plan. You want a remarkable plan.  You want a clear and intentional plan and being undeclared has no place in your plan.  The idea that you can take a few 101 courses and suddenly “find yourself” is just plain dumb and it is unnecessarily expensive.

If you are absolutely certain that college is a part of your plan, then a better option is to audit a college course while you are still in high school. A lot of high schools have dual enrollment with colleges.  Earning college credits while still in high school is an excellent way to go. If you are closer to graduation or don’t have the previous options available, you could also attend a community college and take a few courses without living on campus or accruing big expenses from a larger university.  Sometimes it is a good idea to take a gap year as well. Taking a year off after high school can often help you realize what you like, and often more importantly, what you don’t like. Of course when I say “taking a year off” I do not mean staying at home and bumming off of mom and dad. Taking a year off involves working, volunteering, and engaging in serious self-development.

Going to college undeclared is an option, but in my opinion it is rarely the best one.

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