How to get out of Admitting that you Dropped out of College

And the winner of this week’s “How to get out of admitting that you dropped out of college like a pro” competition is…

College is quite often a key step in the path to a successful career. Some of you will choose to go to college because it is the best way to get the career of your dreams. A lot of you will go because you don’t know what else to do. Even more of you will choose to go because of pride, pressure, obligation, and of course because only slack-jawed yokels don’t go to college.

That being said, I feel really bad for this girl.

Yes, Danielle Shea made some mistakes…

…like not telling her mom that she dropped out of college. And maybe she shouldn’t have pretended to be in college and continued taking her mom’s tuition money for her whole senior year. She also probably shouldn’t have dressed up and pretended that she was graduating at the commencement ceremony. Of course the multiple bomb threats to try and cancel the ceremony were also probably not the best idea. But what else could she have done!? She wasn’t in the bulletin and they weren’t going to call her name out as a graduate and all of her family was going to be there to see her and she didn’t know what else to do!  Police

Okay, so she made a lot of mistakes.

But isn’t it sad that people feel this kind of pressure to stay in school despite the fact that it probably isn’t the best fit for them. The idea that if you don’t get a degree you are a failure is crazy. This mentality causes people that shouldn’t go to college to go anyway and it often causes the people that should go to college to feel entitled.

College is a tool, a really important tool for a lot of people; but, a tool nonetheless. Your college degree doesn’t define you and it doesn’t entitle you to success.

Bottom line, Danielle Shea has demonstrated for us one heck of an option for how to get out of admitting that you dropped out of college… another option is to just do it. But hey, it’s your call.

Thoughts? Comment below.

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