The Midwest Homeschool Convention

Midwest Homeschool Convention

My wife and I just got back from an amazing three days at the Midwest Great Homeschool Convention in Cincinnati. We went for two reasons; well actually we went for a lot more than two reasons, but for simplicity’s sake we’ll say two.

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Walking by the river between sessions.

The first was to learn about home school curriculums for our 5 year old son who is starting kindergarten this fall. Mission accomplished. We talked with countless curriculum representatives and sat in on some great workshops on homeschool curriculum. Now we’ve got a really good idea of what’s out there and what we will be using this fall.

The second reason we went was to learn as much as humanly possible (in three days) about the current education trends in America, the college admission process , and what home school students, and high school students in general, need to be doing right now to succeed after high school.

Besides learning a ton from some fantastic authors, college admissions directors, and college counselors, I also got to listen to some great speakers such as Matt Walsh, Congressman Jim Jordan, and Ben Carson.

I won’t bore you with all the information about which curriculum we chose for our son, unless for some odd reason you’re just dying to know. But, what I do want to share with you is what I learned about the college admission process and how you can seriously improve your chances of getting into the college you’re after and getting in with less debt.

As I mentioned earlier, over the last few days I’ve had the opportunity to sit in on some great workshops led by numerous college admission directors. I’ve had the chance to learn directly from the source what colleges are looking for and what students can do to significantly increase their chances of getting into college in today’s world.  Things are changing in the college admissions world and you need to know how.

I’ve also learned some really interesting things about the SAT and PAST that I can’t wait to share with you.


Skipping out on the gourmet hotel restaurant for a little Skyline Chili.

Juniors and seniors, I spent quite a bit of time this weekend learning about how to make your high school transcript very attractive to college admission officers.

There are a bunch of other things I learned about that I’d like to share with you but it will have to wait.  For now I’m just letting you know that the blog will focus in on some of these topics over the next few weeks.  There is going to be a lot of really valuable information being shared here so keep coming back and checking it out. If you aren’t following Live Declared yet, maybe now would be a good time to start.

Thanks for reading.

And as a side note, for any of my readers who live in Cincinnati, is your entire city always under construction? Seriously, almost every road and every other building looked like it was under construction.  Other than that it was a beautiful city and we enjoyed it immensely.



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