Profound Tip #1: Like Your Major

Like your major.

There you go, pretty profound, huh? Apparently some high school students need to hear this, actually a lot. You see, only 36% are actually following this advice.

The ACT College Choice report for 2013-2014 recently reported that 36% of students said that they are planning on choosing a major that is a good fit with their measured interests. ACT’s figures are taken from two simple pieces of data; first, the students ACT Interest Inventory scores and second, the students intended major.  After matching what students reported interest in and what they are going to be majoring in only 36% aligned. Does that surprise you?

Only 36% of high school seniors getting ready to head off to college think it’s a good idea to do something that they are interested in; 64% don’t.

Choosing a major

Maybe that’s why about 64% of people working today can’t stand their jobs and live for the weekend.  Coincident? I think not.

We can’t forget it takes three things to make a career work:

  1. Passion
  2. Talent/Ability
  3. Money

If you aren’t even interested in something how in the heck are you going to be passionate about it? A career without passion is soul-sucking. Don’t do it. Choose a major that will meet all three criteria for a successful career, and while your at it make sure its something you like.

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