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Honest College Commercial

Honest Commercials has done it again. Meet Every University. A little over the top, but unfortunately its not too terribly far from the truth.


Agree? Disagree? Share your thoughts below.

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Beyoncé 101

I’ve heard of a lot of interesting classes being offered in colleges across the country. In college you can study almost anything at all you can imagine, at your expense of course. So when I saw in a recent news article that Rutgers University was offering a class called “Politicizing Beyoncé” I shouldn’t have been surprised.


Rutgers University now offers “Politicizing Beyonce”

Apparently the course focuses on race, gender, and sexuality in America through Beyoncé’s music. The professor of the course, Kevin Allred, is a doctoral student and lecturer in the college’s Department of Women and Gender Studies.  He believes that through her music, Beyoncé is creating a “grand narrative around her life, her career, and her persona.”

I’ll be honest, I know very little about Beyoncé. I know she’s an amazing singer and I’m sure a very fascinating person, but I find it hard to believe that studying the lyrics to her songs will position you favorably in today’s market place. But who knows, I could be completely wrong here.

I think it’s easy for students to forget sometimes that they are paying for these classes.  When you’re presented with hundreds of class options and a little bit of flexibility in your schedule it’s pretty easy to think “yeah I’ve got an open slot… Beyoncé 101 sounds interesting, why not?”

I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking an off-the-wall class every now and then, if it is something you are passionate about. Just remember though, you’re there for a reason.  If you want to make a living studying the world around you through the lens of a pop star it might help to be one.


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You Can’t Be Anything You Want

I’m sorry to break the news to you but you cannot be anything you want to be when you grow up. It was a lie. It’s not your fault; society has pushed this idea onto you since your birth. Through television, movies, music, and well intentioned adults you’ve received this message. It was false though and now it’s time you learn the truth.

You have limitations.Father & son

Yes, you have limitations. It seems cruel to tell little children this harsh reality, so many adults don’t. They go on lying to them, filling them with magical hope for the future. The problem is that if you are told a lie long enough you start to believe it. But, you aren’t a little child, and I’m not going to lie. Despite well-meaning intentions, lying to children about their unlimited options can lead to serious confusion and a lack of direction; that and it really isn’t all that helpful.

Little Johnny: “Dad what should I be when I grow up?” 

Johnny’s Dad: “Oh son, you can be anything you want to be…” 

Little Johnny: “Yeah I know Dad, but I mean I really don’t know what I want to do?”  

Johnny’s Dad: “…anything you want, son. You can be anything you want.”

In the real world, to be successful at something requires that you have very specific talents and abilities and more importantly that you know what they are. Rather than telling you that you can be anything you want I’m going to tell you the truth:

You cannot be anything you want to be, but you can be an awesome version of yourself!

You are uniquely wired in certain ways that no one else is. At the risk of sounding like your mom, you are special! You have skills and abilities that make you uniquely valuable. The trick is putting yourself in the right environment; one that will allow you to use those special abilities. So don’t spread the lie.  You can’t be anything you want to be, you wouldn’t want to anyways. You can and should be yourself.

Know your talents, abilities, and passion. Use them for direction and you won’t have to worry about being anything you want to be, you’ll be to busy doing what you were made to do.

Be yourself.

Be awesome.

Live Declared.

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ACT: Two Dates Left

Juniors and seniors have options when it comes to college admission tests. Some students take the SAT, some the ACT, some take both.  The ACT is a test that measures what a student has learned. It has 5 components: English, math, reading, science, and an optional writing test.

Your ACT score is one of the major criteria that admissions officers will be looking at when they make the decision whether or not to accept you. If you take the test early you’ll have plenty of time to retake it if you need to. Don’t push the ACT off to the last minute.

April 12th  is the next available test date for the ACT.  The registration deadline for that test is March 7th.

June 14th is the last test date available for seniors. The registration deadline for that test is May 9th. 

For more information about the ACT and to register online for an upcoming test visit:

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Childish Things

C.S. Lewis once said, “When I was ten, I read fairy tales in secret and would have been ashamed if I had been found doing so. Now that I am fifty, I read them openly. When I became a man I put away childish things, including the fear of childishness and the desire to be very grown up.”

What are your childish things? What are the things you love to do but might be avoiding because of how it will make you look? Everyone has an image, a mask they put on so that no one will know who they really are. We all like people to think of us a certain way: strong, funny, clever, smart, mature, witty, free-spirited, fun loving, intellectual, and many other things. There is nothing wrong with trying to be those things, but you need to know who you really are.  

When you can let go of your need to impress others and stop suppressing who you are and what you love; you become free to pursue your passions and through them truly excel. How many of you are thinking about other people as you plan your future?

“I have to go to college, all my friends are going and if I don’t go, they’ll think I’m dumb.”

“I should probably study business or accounting; my parents would kill me if I told them I really wanted to study art.”

“All I can afford is a community college, but I don’t want anyone to know that!”

“I really want to make stuff and work in carpentry but all my college friends will think I’ve lost it.”

You need to let those things go. It’s freeing. Do what you love to do, as often as you can. If you love to read children’s books, read them. If you love to dance in your room, then dance. If you love to draw cartoons, then draw them every day. If you love to catch bugs then go and do that too! Don’t be ashamed of what you love. Innovation stems from passion, passion comes from love, and that is the only way you will do great things no matter what line of work you choose.

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Profound Tip #1: Like Your Major

Like your major.

There you go, pretty profound, huh? Apparently some high school students need to hear this, actually a lot. You see, only 36% are actually following this advice.

The ACT College Choice report for 2013-2014 recently reported that 36% of students said that they are planning on choosing a major that is a good fit with their measured interests. ACT’s figures are taken from two simple pieces of data; first, the students ACT Interest Inventory scores and second, the students intended major.  After matching what students reported interest in and what they are going to be majoring in only 36% aligned. Does that surprise you?

Only 36% of high school seniors getting ready to head off to college think it’s a good idea to do something that they are interested in; 64% don’t.

Choosing a major

Maybe that’s why about 64% of people working today can’t stand their jobs and live for the weekend.  Coincident? I think not.

We can’t forget it takes three things to make a career work:

  1. Passion
  2. Talent/Ability
  3. Money

If you aren’t even interested in something how in the heck are you going to be passionate about it? A career without passion is soul-sucking. Don’t do it. Choose a major that will meet all three criteria for a successful career, and while your at it make sure its something you like.

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