Monsters University: Life Lessons 101

Monsters University
   Let me start by saying I’m not really one to stay up on the latest movies. Unless it has a hobbit in it, I don’t usually watch a new movie until it comes out on Netflix or Redbox. Monsters University (DVD)
was no exception. That being said, over the holidays I finally watched Monsters University with my kids and all of the in-laws at a family get-together.

I was sitting next to my brother in-law when he pointed out to the family that this movie is going to ruin the youth of our nation. We laughed and asked him what in the world he was talking about. He then pointed out the fact that the movie is teaching kids that they can drop out of college and still land their dream job. That’s ludicrous!

Now I liked the movie before he said that, but after he put that idea in my head I realized that I loved the movie! Not only is it an awesome movie in and of itself, but it’s completely accurate to life, aside from the whole monster thing of course.

It’s really a tale as old as time:

Little monster has a passion for scaring.

Little monster goes to the university to study scaring.

Little monster faces adversity and gets kicked out of college.

Little monster works really hard anyways; starting from scratch he works his way from the bottom to the top and creates one of the greatest scaring teams of all time.

Little monster revolutionizes the scaring industry and finds an entirely new economic model to monetize and sustain the limited resources available to the monster society.

Little monster lives happily ever after.

The end.

   I absolutely loved the fact that Mike Wazowski, AKA little monster, knew his passion, developed his talents and worked really hard to make his dreams come true. He realized that not going to college wasn’t going to be a barrier to keep him from doing what he was made to do.

He had the opportunity to make excuses and play the victim. He didn’t. He made no excuses and when one door was shut he found another. Mike learned from his faliures and used them. He didn’t wallow in disappointment but pushed through and found a different way to get where he wanted to be.

We could all learn a thing or two from Mike Wazowski. Now it’s your chance; don’t make any more excuses. Do what you need to to be where you want to. Create your future.


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