What Are You Made To Do?

   Today I helped someone.  It felt good. I work at a non-profit organization and my main job is to help individuals recognize and reach their vocational goals. It’s what I do every day, so you would assume I help people all day long. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen as often as I would like, at least it doesn’t feel like it. In fact, quite often I spend a lot of my time pushing and prodding individuals to reach for their full potential rather than walking along side of them as I would much prefer.  

Today was different.

Enter Jay:

Jay had a history of drug abuse. He had spent a good part of his youth “stoned out of his mind” as he so affectionately put it. He admitted to me that he hadn’t learned a lot of the things he knew he should have known when it comes to working and figuring out how to get a job. He’d worked before, mostly in fast food restaurants or retail stores, but he couldn’t remember for the life of him how he got those jobs. He didn’t even remember how he lost them. Drugs had literally caused him to lose a few years of his life. Those years were nothing more than fragments of memories.

After getting involved with a church and becoming a Christian; something he couldn’t talk enough about, Jay put down the drugs for good and started the long hard work of putting his life back together. He was willing to do the work and had been hitting the streets looking for a job when he met with me.

Jay had a problem though. All of the businesses he had met with wanted him to fill out applications online and take online pre-employment exams. Jay didn’t have a clue how to create an online profile or a resume. He didn’t know how to find the exams he needed to take online. He was lost.

I was able to help Jay in less than an hour. It was easy. I offered support and guidance as he created the documents he needed and submitted the appropriate information to potential employers.  He took the exams and did wonderfully.  As he left my office, he already had one of the employers on the phone and was setting up an interview for later that day. He was on top of the world.

My Calling:

What Jay didn’t know was that he had actually helped me far more than I helped him. Today Jay gave me the opportunity to do what I was made to do. I felt energized and more alive after that meeting. Whatever your calling is, or whatever it may become; make sure that it puts life into you rather than takes it out.

My calling is to help others; I learned that at a fairly early age. How I help others (think career) has evolved and changed throughout my life, but my calling remains the same.   What is your calling? What makes you come to life? Olympic athlete Eric Liddell put it beautifully in this simple quote: “I believe God made me for a purpose, but he also made me fast. And when I run I feel His pleasure.”

Your Calling:

Again I ask, what is your calling? Do you have one? Think about the last 6 months and share something you did that made you feel alive. What are you made to do?

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