Decisions: Part 1

     Decisions. Decisions are the atoms that construct your life. They make up who you are. Your life is a time line of decisions that you have made. Of course there are certain things placed outside your control.


     You didn’t choose your parents, you didn’t choose your neighborhood, and you didn’t choose your socioeconomic class. You didn’t choose to be short, you didn’t choose to be dyslexic, and you didn’t choose to hate calculus (well, maybe you did choose that last one, but that’s understandable).

We all find ourselves in different circumstances.  But, what we do have in common are decisions. You get to decide how you react to every situation that faces you.  Your decisions are the building blocks with which you will create your future.

Imagine your life is like the block stacking game, Jenga. One upon another. One upon another you make these decisions and you place them on top of and next to each other.  Sometimes you make bad ones and you shakily place the new ones on top of it and hope it holds. Sometimes you place them without thinking at all of the decisions you will soon have to put on next. Hopefully, more often than not, you take your time and make decisions carefully and intentionally which will create a strong foundation for all your future decisions.


One thought on “Decisions: Part 1

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