Control your College Experience

I’ve already addressed the fact that starting your college career undeclared can be hazardous to your wealth (see Let’s Make a Deal).  College is just too expensive of an endeavor to be taken lightly. Taking a year of non-degree specific courses can set you behind once you do chose a major, often adding an additional year of college expenses.

Taking general education courses will not reveal to you your passions and plans for the future. Very few people have ever been inspired sitting in an introductory math 101 course. But all too often as undeclared students find themselves coming to the end of their freshman year of college they realize that they HAVE to choose something.

You can’t major in indecisiveness. You panic. You pick something that you may have a passing interest in or that you think you will be moderately good at. The bottom line is that you still have no idea what you really want to be when you grow up.

Don’t put yourself in that position. You wouldn’t get on a plane without making sure you knew where it was going and that its destination is where you want to be.  Likewise, don’t head off to college without a plan. You control your college experience, don’t let it control you.

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